We'll provide you with your own secure URL to access the Converterfy tool.

We setup your Converterfy license to either allow you to upload images from your local hard drive, or we can securely connect your account to your preferred cloud storage platform, such as; DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, etc. using the Kloudless tool, which we'll setup for you.

Here's what you'll need to do to create your virtual product;

1) Click on the 'Image Upload' or 'Kloudless' button to select the design you'd like to use. Check the box confirming you own the design and have the rights to use it, then confirm the name you'd like to use for the design, as part of the product name.

2) Select the product you would like to create.

3) Press the 'View Product Options' button.

4 Use the QuickFit controls to adjust how your design is displayed on the product.

5) Click the 'Save Product Visualization' button to save a high quality image of your product that you can use to market on any platform you choose.

6) Click the 'Create Product' button and THAT'S IT !


NO API's, NO Programming, NO Template Creation, just you using your designs to create unique one of a kind products in seconds and a few clicks.

www.fabricsmiths.com and our Converterfy tool take care of everything for you - It really couldn't be any quicker or easier !